When you decide to do business with a website, it is not uncommon to search the internet for reviews and hear what others have to say. Sometimes you will hear things that might scare you, like how people sent money in for products or nothing came or the product wasn’t like they advertised and they couldn’t get their money back!

As bad as that is, imagine being told that the company is actually the FBI! Imagine being told that a website was setup as a sting option to catch buyers! Imagine is none of that is true but you believe it because you gullible? 🙂

It seems like every day I get a message from somebody looking to purchase a fake diploma from a specific website when they stop to tell me they’re worried because they read about either diplomacompany.com or phonydiploma.com  being associated with FBI!

What is the basis of this FBI claim?

The fact is, two of these businesses use to operate out of Virginia, and in this exact city there was a FBI field office. I say to this, “so what?” because the FBI has field offices everywhere, in every city, in every town. Any site out there has a field office near it so this is a pretty stupid point. Yet, rumors swirl.

So, wait this FBI stuff about diploma company and phony diploma is total crap?

Yes. I have purchased from themselves. Nobody came to my door in the middle of the night, took my wife and whatever crazy claims you want to read about on the internet. haha

Why do these fake reviews exist?

The fact is, the majority of these reviews tell you to stay away from sites like diplomacompany.com or phonydiploma.com and instead go to nd-center.com or fakediplomanow.com or diplomaxpress.com or some other website that does not accept credit card payments, asks you to wire cash only, and has been known to ripOff buyers. These sites are nervous about businesses like diplomacompany.com, phonydiploma.com, diplomasandtranscripts.com, nextdaydiplomas.com and a few others because they are legitimate and the only way they can scare YOU from those sites and instead buying from THEIRS, is to make up lies like this FBI crap!

If these are a lie, why don’t websites sue to make fake reviews go away.

That is easier said than done. A good example is RipOff Report which has several  fake reviews on stores, some of which use FBI as a keyword to scare people. I’ve had a number of people ask me if the reviews are real because they’re scared and after I explain everything, they realize they were almost tricked and buy from one of the stores I suggest.

Fact is, RipOff report makes stories up and then threatens the business by forcing them to pay big bucks to review them. When they do pay up, RipOff makes more reviews to sucker the businesses out of more money. It happens to a number of businesses regardless of their industry and fake diplomas are no different.

I am still worried about these reviews on fake diploma sites

At the end of the day, you will believe what you will believe. The truth is, none of those reviews have photos of somebody buying the diplomas from the website, pictures of receipts, proof it was bought, and proof the review is legit. I have spent actual money buying from these sites and actually providing real reviews. I am not here to scare you, I am here to be honest with you.

If you ever want to talk to me about buying fake diplomas over the internet, I would be happy to have a legitimate discussion.

In the meantime, let’s hope Google has the guts to remove these fake reviews because they are scaring customers and right now it’s a battle to see who can make the most outrageous claims to scare potential buyers – like you – the most!