Since 2010 Real and Honest Reviews on Top Fake Diploma Sites!

The following is a list of current reviews on fake diploma sites I have conducted. All reviews are backed by proof of purchase, photo documentation, and more to prove they are real and honest.

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One of the most respected sites I have seen from talking with buyers. Very straight forward, good solid value for what they sell. We highly recommend these guys if your on a budget.

Tim's Rating Review

Not a bad site but customer support is a struggle. The site has minimal ways to contact them which drives a lot of customers I talk to nuts! The product is OK but not up there with the likes of let’s say a Diploma Company or a Phony Diploma or a for that matter. Still they are legit and fair and I have issues recommending them.

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Currently the 2nd best site we have reviewed overall. A very good solid choice. One of the sites that consistently puts out a good product at a great value. We have been very impressed with this site and continue to rank it among my top choices for shoppers.

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