One of our jobs at this fake diploma review site is to check up on our reviewed diploma sites periodically to see if there have been any significant updates or changes worth reporting. When we tried to revisit diploma express recently, I discovered the site was no longer open! To be fair to their business, I waited over 48 hours to report their site being closed down, but it appears as if this may be a lasting change. When I tried to visit their site I got an “account suspended” notice. I looked around and an account suspended message can mean a lot of things, including a violation of terms or just an expired account.

Out of the 8 full reviews we did on on our blog, diploma express ranked in the 7th position. We ordered a college diploma from their site on October 14, 2010 and took notes on the entire process to create our Diploma Express review. This site was definitely not one of our favorites (poor customer service and slow shipping) and our diploma was heavily damaged when it was delivered.

We will of course give this some more time and check back in on the matter shortly. Also, we will continue to keep their review up until we are sure that it is no longer relevant to the needs of our viewers.