DiplomaCompany.com Review

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#1 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of ! DiplomaCompany.com has remained very popular over the years. I’ve spoken to many customers of theirs over the years and heard about a little bad but a ton of positive. The shop recently has started to offer raised seals and text on their documents, at a quality level, that’s … Read more

PhonyDiploma.com Review

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#3 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of ! Personally, I really do love this website. It’s very clean and easy to navigate. The product images are also very sharp and easy to make out. Our payment for a replica college diploma to Phony Diploma arrived on a Thursday. We could see that it had arrived because … Read more

BuyaFakeDiploma.com Reviews

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Currently the #2 Ranked Site as of ! After an increasing number of emails requesting for BuyaFakeDiploma.com reviews and quite a few poll votes as well, we finally decided to have a look at this site. Admittedly, we had noticed BuyaFakeDiploma a while back, but decided to hold off on the review in order to … Read more

NextDayDiplomas.com Review

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Not a bad site but customer support is a struggle. The site has minimal ways to contact them which drives a lot of customers I talk to nuts! The product is OK but not up there with the likes of let’s say a Diploma Company or a Phony Diploma or a BuyaFakeDiploma.com for that matter. Still they are legit and fair and I have issues recommending them.