#4 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of 2024! Review

Tim Johnson of

Customer Service
Quality of Product
Shipping and Processing


Next Day Diplomas offers a very clean and simple to use website. They offer high school diplomas, college diplomas, and high school equivalency diplomas which are the same thing as GEDs. Their college diplomas are offered as template options or actual replicas. In wanting to judge this companies ability to match our real diploma, we paid more for a “College Replica Diploma” at $199.



  • The quality of the paper was one of the better ones we got!
  • The ink quality quality of the diploma’s text was very bold and sharp!
  • They offered us an extra copy free of charge which was kind of them to do!
  • The diploma had no misspelled words unlike which had a few.


  • The name of school at the top of the diploma was very blurry. We aren’t sure why this is, since the rest of the text was very sharp.
  • Even though there was no misspellings on the diploma, the punctuation was a bit off. For instance, they ended one sentence with a period but not another. We know this is being picky, but it was a mistake they should have caught.
  • The gold foil seal itself is disproportionately small and was flaking off in a few places.

Customer Service

Next Day Diplomas offers two ways of communicating with customers: live chat and toll free phone support. Their live chat feature never seemed to be on when we visited their website, forcing us to strictly communicate over the phone. Even though some people prefer phone support, we felt if you are going to advertise that you offer “live chat”, you need to turn your chat on and chat with people.

Shipping and Processing

We placed an online order for a fake bachelors degree with Next Day Diplomas on 10/13. We wanted to pay with money order or Western Union but realized during the order process, that they only accepted credit card payments. In fairness to Next Day Diplomas, they mention this on their site, but we found the lack of payment methods inconvenient. In fact, of all the companies we dealt with, Next Day Diplomas had the most restrictions on payment options.

The next day (no pun intended), I made a special trip to Target and purchased two American Express gift cards. We made a $200 credit card payment over the phone with customer support. Their representative, who was very friendly, promised to ship our diploma out in 24 hours, which he did. All in all, their support department is run well, but we recognize that not everybody has a credit card or may wish to go through the hassle of obtaining prepaid cards. We hope they will offer more payment options in the future.

Our diploma shipped sometime on 10/14. We weren’t emailed a tracking number from FedEx, which was annoying, but it did arrive in our mailbox about a week later. It was packaged in both a yellow envelope and inside that was a flimsy FedEx envelope. The diploma itself was not damaged, which was surprising considering our diploma from Diploma Xpress was shipped the same way and arrived completely destroyed!

Our diploma from Next Day Diplomas arrived with an extra copy at not additional cost (a nice added bonus)! It also included a letter from their staff reminding us that their fake documents be intended to be used for novelty purposes only and if we had any concerns or problems with our order, to contact their support team. Even though we understand that Next Day Diplomas is protecting themselves, we felt a letter inside the box sort of ruined any chance of keeping the overall order process discrete. Still, this is minimal compared to some fake diploma companies like Diploma Makers and Diploma Xpress, that put a stickers on their diploma stating it is a “fake”.


The paper used to print the diploma was very thick, and probably the nicest paper of any of the companies we reviewed. Also, the actual ink used for the diploma’s text was bold and sharp. On the downside, the name of the school was a bit blurry compared to the rest of the document. It would have been less noticeable, had the rest of the text not been so sharp. Also, the diploma arrived with shiny gold seal which was too small and flaking off in a lot of places. We also found minimal grammar issues, which we documented below under cons.


For $200, we found our diploma from Next Day Diplomas to be priced fairly. The company sold a “replica college diploma” though, that we paid extra for. But comparing this to our actual diploma, there was quite a few differences including where the seal was placed and how the school name was arched and theirs was printed vertically. It was clear to us that Next Day Diplomas had never seen a real diploma from our school!