#1 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of 2020!

DiplomaCompany.com has gained tremendous popularity over the last few months. They have started to offer raised seals and text at a quality level that has been unmatched! When we combine these new changes along with 10 years of experience and the best feedback we’ve gotten of any site we’ve reviewed! When it comes to the best fake diploma supplier for support, product quality and overall service, DiplomaCompany.com becomes our top pick this December!

The Process of Ordering at Diploma Company!

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As of today, DiplomaCompany.com is currently trending overall in areas including product quality and service. This could change as employees leave changes. PhonyDiploma.com was #1 before. Stay tuned.

Since day one, we’ve been immediately impressed with the format and layout of this website. It was well planned, clean and easy to navigate and by far one of the best looking and put together sites of the bunch. Finding exactly what we needed was a piece of cake. Also, we spoke with Brian at Diploma Company’s support department and he was able to answer a lot of our questions about purchasing a fake diploma. Most importantly, when we asked if they knew about actual school’s diploma looked like and could replicate it, Brian assured us they could and boasted that DiplomaCompany.com had over 300,000 original diploma templates on file. Granted, even though other sites like Phony Diploma make similar claims, we found that upon receiving our diploma, that there might be some truth to Diploma Company’s claims.

Customer Service

Diploma Company offers a myriad of ways to get in touch with someone if you need help. They have live chat, toll-free phone support, email (for both customer service and production departments) and a mailing address for support. Also, we went back to their website a few times during the process and noticed that the chat function was live every time. This was a major improvement over sites like ND-Center with limited support or Next Day Diplomas who offered chat but never seemed to turn it on.

Shipping and Processing

We placed online order with Diploma Company, for a Bachelor diploma. We mailed a money order payment the following day that arrived at their mailbox four days later. Our diploma was shipped on that following Monday received two days later with rush delivery. Photo documentation of our entire purchase experience with Diploma Company can be seen above.

There was a slight delay between them getting paid and shipping out our item. Our payment arrived a day after but our package didn’t leave until two days later. They state 24 hour turn around on their website, which made this a disappointment but we also chose ground shipping which couldn’t have stressed a level of urgency on our part. Also, in all fairness to Diploma Company, DiplomaXpress.com waited 7 to 10 days to even authorize our payment.

This likely would not had been an issue if we paid by credit card but since some customers may choose to pay with alternative methods, we thought it was important to document our experience.


First, let me say that the diploma we were requesting was from a small school. The school has been around for 50 years and has only graduated 30,000 students. I mean, we’re talking an average of 600 graduates a year! If Diploma Company had my diploma on file to replicate, they could probably replicate any diploma!

As far as the quality… we were astonished. The real diploma had a shiny gold seal on the left hand corner, two signatures, and the name was written vertically. Our diploma from Diploma Company matched every single one of these characteristics. My wife and I were extremely impressed.


As far as prices go, DiplomaCompany.com was a little high compared to some cheaper alternatives like BuyaFakeDiploma.com or DipomasandTranscripts.com. But you need to compare apples to oranges and really when understanding that when it comes to exclusive higher quality documents, the only other site that challenges them is PhonyDiploma.com. Yet, Phony charges much more for the same product and comparing the raised seal and text that I get on Phony orders to what Diploma Company is doing now, the value is massive when you get more for less! Suffice it to say, Diploma Company earned our only 5 star rating in value.

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