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How did you find out about fake diplomas?

How did you find out about fake diplomas?

My wife and I went to a small university in Michigan. We both graduated from there in 1992. In the summer of 2010, we decided to start up our own business and wanted to hang our diplomas up in our office. Unfortunately, I had somehow lost mine. I contacted my school for information on replacing it, but was told my replacement would take 3-6 weeks to arrive! Since I had some clients scheduled to stop by that week, I wanted a temporary fix and looked online for replacement degrees when I stumbled across fake diplomas as an alternative.

Why did you make this fake diploma review site?

When I started to spot a ton of fake diploma sites offering services I needed, I decided to research some of the companies.  I spotted a bunch of review sites online and just noticed a lack of professionalism and honesty with them. None of the review sites had proof of purchases, documentation of the items coming in, receipts, tracking numbers, nothing! In fact, in our research, we discovered an interesting fact… that over 40 percent of internet shoppers are often misled by fake online reviews.  

I’m sure when you consider the fake diploma industry that forty percent average goes way up, especially with so many unmonitored reviews on sites like Scam.com and RipOffReport.com, opening the door for unverified content. 

That being said, my wife and I decided to take the time to piece together reviews on fake diploma websites and hoped it would help others in the market for a fake diploma. Plus, we discovered fake diplomas were popular and that a high traffic site could possibly make some extra money through banner advertisements. I point that out because a lot of people often ask me why I would spend the money to do this, and that is why.

More important than anything else, we wanted our reviews to be honest. We knew an honest site would give us respect and allow our site to grow. Too many people write THIS and THAT on the ‘net and you really don’t know who is writing what. We documented the entire buying process from start to finish on products from every company we reviewed, something that’s pretty much unheard of on review sites.

I have received ton of positive feedback from people who have used this blog, and both my wife and I really appreciate it! Still, we do this part-time and ask that you please click on our advertising banners and help support this site! I may ask for donations in the future, but currently we haven’t needed to upgrade our server and our expenses have been minimal.

What school(s) were the document(s) from?

In most cases, it was my old college – where my wife and I graduated. ND Center, who was difficult to work with, was a popular online university instead (read their review for more).

Our website originally had photos of my wife’s old diploma, all the diplomas we ordered, order confirmations, and more, without information burred out. A few days later, we were contacted by both universities to remove any mention of their school from this site, and every document has been edited due to legal requirements.

Why is other certain information in your photos blurred out too?

Mainly to protect ourselves. I placed most of the orders online and I have my personal phone number, address, etc on there. I don’t know who is reading this website and I’d rather not display everything about me for the world to read. Plus, I have received threatening letters from individuals that are likely related to sites we reviewed. I just do this to protect myself.

Can I comment on a review you made or a blog post?

The whole point of this blog is to offer authentic reviews. The internet is full of a lot of phony reviews on thousands of products and services, including fake diplomas. Fact is, anybody can write an opinion about any company and nothing is verified, monitored, regulated, etc.

As a review site, we simply can’t tell honest reviews from real customers from competitors looking to hype up their own site and sabotage their competitors! Our posted reviews are backed by actual proof that we took the time to buy an item and carefully critique the company. If you can supply us with actual proof of buying an item and your story adds up, we will consider sharing your story with others, but we don’t want to flood this review site will a bunch of spam and junk responses.

Do you hear a lot from people who have bought from sites you’ve reviewed?

Yes. We get a ton of messages from people who apparently bought products at Phony Diploma, Diploma Company, ND-Center, etc. Some tell me that my review was almost identical to their experience, while others claim I was way off. These views I display are again my reviews. That is what this site is all about. If you want go to a review site where anybody can post anything about anybody and it isn’t close to being fact-checked, you will find plenty of choices. That is not what we’re about.

I found a fake diploma website that you did not review!

There are a ton of fake diploma websites out there! When I did some research, I found like 15 or 20! When we started this review site, we decided to focus on the bigger and more popular websites. In the future, we plan on adding more. As this site begins to gain some revenue from banner ads and we can save up some money.. we plan on adding several other reviews.
If you know of another fake diploma website, you would like reviewed, contact us, and we will look into adding it.