#2 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of 2020!

After an increasing number of emails requesting for BuyaFakeDiploma.com reviews and quite a few poll votes as well, we finally decided to have a look at this site. Admittedly, we had noticed BuyAFakeDiploma a while back, but decided to hold off on the review in order to first look at some of the more popular, higher ranking websites instead. However, this site just wouldn’t be ignored. It has slowly crept into the spot light and is pushing some of the older sites out the way in the process. The site itself has appeared to have grown tremendously since the last time we saw it. While other sites claim to have large collections, BuyAFakeDiploma.com actually shows off the volume of their inventory by having individual order forms for each state or province (Canada), which we definitely liked. Overall, we were impressed with the site. It is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Customer service was prompt, the prices were low, and most importantly we received a quality product on time.

Customer Service

As far as customer Service goes, this site is definitely at the top of the list. They have phone support, online chat and email contacts available to prospective customers. Chat and phone appeared to be live throughout the work day (business hours only) when we visited the site. Both were off after hours. We subtracted a star here because DiplomaCompany.com had all three options available more hours throughout the day. Most of my correspondence was through email, which was prompt and courteous. Decent experience here, we gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Shipping and Processing

BuyAFakeDiploma’s shipping options were comparable in price to most of the other sites. They use flat-rate FedEx express shipping with options for 3-Day, 2-Day, and Overnight shipping. For those that are short on cash, they also offer a 1 penny shipping method (regular mail, no tracking information) that we found interesting and considerate. We opted for the 3-day shipping which was $15, so we could get the tracking information. We also figured it would be the most popular shipping method, being in the middle of the road in price, and wanted to keep my review as close to the average experience as possible. As advertised, the package arrived in good condition three days after the order was placed. No complaints to report on shipping.

To keep it simple and fair, we ordered a diploma for the same college that we have done for the other reviews (with the Exception of ND-Center). Order Processing was a breeze on this site. You simply select the type of fake diploma (college, for my purposes), country, and then state – which brings you to the order form. The site is template-based so we had to choose a seal option that would allow us to further customize the diploma. My only criticism here is that having to choose between a few different seals could leave some people anxious about whether or not they chose the right option. For this order we selected the gold foil seal (most expensive option, $19.95). We passed on the extra copies and leather folder. Another small criticism is that the site only excepts credit cards (which we planned on using anyway), but it is a secure site and all the major cards are accepted. Overall, a very good processing experience on this site.


We gave BuyAFakeDiploma 4 out of 5 stars on Quality. For a cheaper, template-based site, the quality of the diploma was great. The gold-infused seal was as good as the more expensive seals at DiplomaCompany and PhonyDiploma, and came with the school name inside. Paper and print quality were also on par with the more expensive sites. The language within the diploma was realistic and incorporated my order information seamlessly. However, we had to subtract 1 star here because since this was a template and not a replica – although, I’m still confident it would fool just about anyone.


The fake college diploma we ordered was right at $119.00 after we added the gold-infused seal. This makes BuyAFakeDiploma tied with DiplomaXpress for the cheapest college diploma on my list. For the price, we think this site is a great Value. What you get is comparable in quality to the more expensive sites at a fraction of the cost.

Note: Site claims #1 listing for review sites

On their homepage, they claim they were ranked as the #1 fake diploma site. Not based upon my current ranking as 2nd December 2020. The site actually reviews to another fake diploma review blog, not us. We have ranked this site #1 before, about five years prior, but since changes were made to Diploma Company they have taken the top spot.