In order to piece together fake diploma website reviews, we ranked each fake diploma company we reviewed on the following criteria:

Is Customer Support Helpful or Hard to Come By?

This is overall customer support including email, chat and phone communication (where applicable) with regards to ease of reach, courtesy and knowledgeability. We’re documented constantly positive customer support experiences with some sites like Diploma Company and Phony Diploma and, all of which have been eager to help customers on a consistent basis. While ND-Center, on the contrary, has reported back very frustrating customer support experiences with buyers. My reviews have had the same general reaction.

The Quality of the Product Being Sold and Provided

By comparing the document that was produced for us, against the real diploma, we could compare the quality of each companies work and judge them fairly. Diploma Makers was the exception to the rule because they do not sell replica diplomas and instead offer generic template-based options that they have created themselves. Buy a Fake Diploma falls into the same category. To get a fair measure of overall quality, we also took into account details such as the crispness of the ink, grade of paper, seal type, etc.

How Shipping, Packaging and Delays are Handled

Our experience from the time we placed our order until the day it arrived. A lot of customers have deadlines and we recognized the importance of this. So, we judged the speed and efficiency of each company, as well as the care with which our products were packaged and handled.

–  How We Rank Each Site Today!
Tim's RatingUSERS RATE (0) Review

I have yet to review this site myself but I am getting a lot of feedback from customers who have purchased here. The site has been very visible on search engines as of this . Latest Findings on for This site appears to owned and operated by the same people behind It wasn’t […]

Tim's Rating Review

We purchased diplomas from, backed with proof of purchase, and then judged them on product quality (does it match real diploma?), service and value. Read our full review. Current customer feedback is at 98.9% positive as we speak.

Tim's Rating Review

One of the oldest sites on the ‘net, continues to operate with a template approach allowing you pick out designers, paper, seal choices, etc. This leads to a more affordable fake diploma option but not a replica of my college diploma. In trying to judge quality, we also found issue with the printing and gold seals on the document.

Tim's Rating
ND-Center Review

#6 Ranked Fake Diploma Site of ! ND-Center first came to our attention on another fake diploma review site called “diploma one”, which highly praised them! We expected the diploma from ND-Center to be at the top of our list. However, the disappointing reality couldn’t have been further from the truth! Our ND Center Review was quite […]

Tim's RatingUSERS RATE (0) Reviews

One of the worst sites we have encountered in some time. We get a lot of people each month who wired money to the owner and nothing came. They then threaten customers if they refuse to report this. This is what I am hearing. Formal review to come.

Tim's RatingUSERS RATE (0) Review

One of the most respected sites I have seen from talking with buyers. Very straight forward, good solid value for what they sell. We highly recommend these guys if your on a budget.

Tim's Rating Review

Not a bad site but customer support is a struggle. The site has minimal ways to contact them which drives a lot of customers I talk to nuts! The product is OK but not up there with the likes of let’s say a Diploma Company or a Phony Diploma or a for that matter. Still they are legit and fair and I have issues recommending them.

Tim's Rating Reviews

Currently the 2nd best site we have reviewed overall. A very good solid choice. One of the sites that consistently puts out a good product at a great value. We have been very impressed with this site and continue to rank it among my top choices for shoppers.