I have just gotten word from several people that Diploma-World.com is no longer in business.

This was a shock to us because we actually spent time to purchase products from them and grade them on overall quality, customer support and shipping like we do all our sites. They actually ranked very well. They were not the best but better than most.

It looks like the site has actually been shut down for some time now. It seems like the site which started off strong, started to fall apart and get worse and worse.  Towards the end, we noticed a lot of customers were saying they sent money to the owner but nothing came!!! We started to drop them to a lower ranking to warn buyers and maybe that helped, since as of today, the site is no longer up and running.

Photos of our purchase from Diploma-World.com ~~~ taken from old review.

What if I was scammed by Diploma-World.com?

We strongly advise these past customers contact their banks immediately. Request a refund asap.

So, is the site Diploma-World.com offline?

It looks like Diploma Company has purchased the rights to this domain and it using it to push traffic to their site. They do not own Diploma-World.com though and they can’t help with issues/problems due to the old site. Again, I advise to contact your bank.

Again if you guys have issues with sites, please contact me so that I can warn others and do what I can to help.