Today I’ve written a review. This is a really great website offering a high quality novelty diploma, high school diploma, college diploma, and more.

Current Rating as of December, 2020:


Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing this website. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and has a great FAQ section which answered all of our initial questions. Seals look very realistic and they sell a variety of products including novelty high schools diplomas, GEDs, transcripts, birth certificates, as well as diploma/transcript packages.

I found the “pick your own layout” feature to be a little daunting and overwhelming at first: I’d rather an expert just tell me what I need to order!


Overall, very inexpensive prices – lower than most other websites I’ve reviewed.


Very fast turnaround times – order by 9am and it will be shipped out on the same day. Depending on your shipping method, it can be at your door in 2-3 days. Only ships to US and US Territories.


There is an email tool, where you can send in a question and customer support will respond back with an email. There is no phone number listed for immediate customer support.


Overall, I’d give this website a B+. It is a great website with a high quality product. Really the only negatives I saw here are the lack of immediate customer support (some companies offer instant chat or a phone number you can contact for instant answers) and the “build-your-own-diploma” feature. If I didn’t know as much about diplomas as I do, I think I would have trouble dissecting all of the choices, and might be lost as to deciding which package and options to choose.