I have yet to review this site myself but I am getting a lot of feedback from customers who have purchased here. The site has been very visible on search engines as of this December.

Latest Findings on SameDayDiplomas.com for December, 2020

This site appears to owned and operated by the same people behind PhonyDiploma.com. It wasn’t hard to figure this out. The phone number on the site is 1-917-746-5875 which is the same number posted on the PhonyDiploma.com contact us page. It’s also the same number on RealisicDiploma.com. I think whomever owns this site owns all three obviously.

The site itself is laid out nicely. I’ve heard from a few people who have shopped here and they state it’s easy to find the type of documents the want, place orders, etc. I’ve noticed over the years the staff behind these family of sites (Realistic, Phony, this site) have made major strides to improve the functionality of their stores trying to match a lot of the improvements set forth by sites like DiplomaCompany.com imho.

Current Pricing

I get a lot of very positive feedback about Phony but I should cause the prices are much higher. For instance, a college diploma package on Phony can run you upwards of $400 (at least according to the prices i’m seeing this December. On the other hand, a college diploma at SameDay is running $300 tops for a premium international custom diploma product. Not sure why they would charge $100 less than Phony, if it’s the same company, but they must have something going on. Who knows? Would love to hear from the site’s owner.

Customer Support

The website says they are here for you, Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 4PM at night. They offer live chat which is online a lot, email and that long distance 917 area code phone number. It’s worth mentioning that the 9AM start time, puts the site a full two hour ahead of when PhonyDiploma opens up it’s support department. I guess another advantage between the two.


Overall, I’d give this site about a B score. It’s one of the better sites out there. I haven’t actually purchased a product from it yet in order to do an official review. I am sure when I do, I will find it’s the same quality as Phony since it’s made by the same company. If that’s the case, being the items cost $100 less, in same cases, for the exact same document I might have to push it above Phony’s ranking. Would you guys like to see me do a SameDayDiploma.com Review? What sort of product would you like to see me order from them?

Currently, I do get a few email messages a week from people who claim they have purchased from this site. Nobody has been able to provide proof in order to verify that the purchase is legitimate. I also don’t have a ton of feedback as compared to other sites but a lot of what I’ve read, especially about high school documents and some of the certificates, has been mostly positive. Customers do seem to enjoy the overall quality of the custom documents that they produce.

In the meantime, if you have purchase here, you can post your feedback below. I will likely ask for some sort of proof including confirmations or receipts before allowing the review to go live. Obviously I have to do this to stop fake reviews on any sties out there.