As I’ve stated before, my name is Tim and this is my blog. It’s has taken a lot of time and energy to put together this site and in the end, I have learned a lot more than I’ve ever wanted to know about the fake diploma industry.

All of this stated awhile back when I opened up a new office and realized I had misplaced my college diploma. After realizing that my school was going to take forever to replace it, I turned to fake diplomas as a temporary replacement. Back then, what I thought about a fake diploma site was that it was this company that would make me a diploma looked like the real thing but it would have what name or degree on it that I wanted. I figured most of these sites were overseas, wanted me to wire cash, would like scam me, blah blah blah.

So, I started to research fake diploma website reviews and came across this blog. They mentioned a website (the site is shut down now thankfully) and gave it rave reviews, five stars, all of that nonsense. So I took a gamble. The guy or girl over email asked me to wire $500 in case and like an idiot, I did. A few days later, I sent an email asking for a followup and 24 hours there was no reply. Then a few days later and again, no reply. I had been completely shut off by the site! I tried to call my bank but they said there was little they could do since the transfer wasn’t protected.

I then started to dig around and realized that the review site I stumbled across, was registered to the same owner as the site I bought from. That site was setup with the intentions of tricking me into ordering from the site that stole my money. Looking back, I should have realized it wasn’t an honest review because he had written reviews about other sites claiming they stole his money, they were bad, and only this other site should bet trusted. Through all of it, not a single claim was backed up by any proof of purchase or receipts or order confirmations or photos of these fake diplomas he supposedly purchase.

It was then, that I realized something had to change. There had to be somebody actually doing real reviews. Somebody that would really go to these puts, put down their hard earned money and buy a diploma and then document the entire experience from start to finish, so buyers (like me) would learn the truth with fair and honest reviews. That is why I started up this site.

It wasn’t as easy as just buying fake diplomas from websites!

I knew the best way to judge these sites was to order my actual diploma. Now, I had graduated from a small college in Michigan and the school wasn’t very popular. When a lot of these sites started to say, “oh yeah, we do make that school!” or “we know what that diploma looks like and can replica it!”, I begin the have my doubts. Again, we’re not talking about UCLA here or University of Kentucky but we’re talking this small liberal arts college. Still, this was meant that I could judge the fake diploma they shipped me against a real one and see how the signatures matched up, if the seal was in the right spot, if they fonts were accurate, etc.

The only exception was which told me they couldn’t make my diploma because they didn’t have the resources to produce it. This shocked me because I had read a lot of bad things about how this site was a scam on other sites. My first thought was, if they are telling me they can’t do something and are refusing my money, that made me think they were honest. Now using another email, I was able to find out that they did University of Phoenix diplomas and using my friend’s diplomas a reference guide (he graduated there), I placed a separate order.

All of the orders were placed using a private mailbox address, fake name (I didn’t say it was from Tim) and most often money orders, so the site couldn’t trace the sale back to me. I guess my thought process, at the time was, some of the sites are going to be very angry with me and maybe they might do something (maybe not) but I wasn’t going to risk that.

What surprised you most when making these reviews?

That every single order came in. Now, I know if I told these websites that I was making a review about them, 100% would treat me differently and make sure I got an order or didn’t scam me. BUT I wanted to look like just another customer. That being said, I was 100% sure somebody would take my money and run (like what happened before) but the truth is nobody did! Every single website provided me a product! Same came late, some didn’t look good but every single store shipped out my fake diploma. That meant, all of these reviews I read about how stole money from some customer was totally bogus!

For now, there are many reviews on many sites and below I have put together some photos of payments I made, packages arriving, and fake diploma photographs that I think you’ll enjoy.

One each review by me you can find proofs of purchase, receipts, confirmations, package photos and up close fake diploma images from each site.

Can I leave my own review on a website?

Every day I get a ton of people asking me if they can post a review on a particular website. The fact is, I have worked really hard to keep this site free of dishonest reviews by not allowing just anybody to write on here. I tried this before and a lot of people were submitting feedback and making some pretty crazy claims. It was then that I realized a lot of site owners were coming on here to write positive reviews about their business while bashing the competition.

What I have decided to do is only post reviews from me, when I have them. If there are new sites out there that I have yet to review, I will let others speak up but once I write an official review, my opinions will take over and the user reviews will go away. I will take into account opinions I have collected through, when writing my own.

Can you help me when deciding on what site to buy from?

I get a lot of people who ask me for help on deciding on what diploma site to go with. Again, I purchased a fake diploma from my school and obviously, if I got a diploma from a difference place, maybe the results would be different? Maybe company-X could do novelty degree from school-y much better? Still, having this site has allowed me to talk to people over the years who gambled on buying from different sites. Some spoke with me before they made a purchase, others didn’t. In the end, I have a lot of notes from experiences people had. I will try to dig through some notes and maybe I can suggest some sites to go with and some to stay clear from. Again, send me a message.

All this is great, but what’s in it for you?

The truth is, starting a site is not cheap. It takes a lot of money to buy all these diplomas and take to start up a site, write all this content, blah blah blah. Not to mention, it isn’t cheap to pay for hosting etc. I did this site because I saw a growing market for fake diplomas and a lack of honest fake diploma website reviews. The site is paid for mostly with banner ads that I use to drive traffic to other sites. If you go to these sites, it helps me. That’s the truth.  I have no other affiliation or connection with any site I review and I hope to keep it that way.