Any more fake diploma sites you want reviewed?

I need suggestions on other fake diploma sites that you want to see reviewed? Most of these companies know my name and address by now, so I’ll have to order them under a different alias so they treat me like any other shopper. We would like this to be a secret shopper system, so the reviews can be as fair and balanced as possible, so we will have to be creative in our ordering process ;). As of right now we have reviewed all of the fake diploma sites that we were initially interested in and we are going to leave it up to our viewers to let us know if there are any sites out there that they would like to be reviewed.

So, before me and wife tackle this task of another purchase, we would like your feedback on who you feel we should review. Feel free to send us an email with any of your suggestions. Check out our contact page to send us the email. If you’re shopping around for fake diplomas and you happen to come by a site that is not on our list and would like it to be reviewed, now is the time to tell us! We are very interested in finding the best fake diploma site out there. So far we have reviewed eight different sites, with a wide range of prices, product options and overall quality.

Please contact us or fill out our poll.

I plan on starting this by the summer.