ND-Center.com offers C-Gold as a payment option

During the research that we put into our fake diploma website reviews, we sent several requests to ND-Center.com asking to pay for our product, at which point they replied back to us via email with the following methods:

Western Union (Payments processed within 8-24 hours)

In the case of Western Union you can visit your nearest Western Union Agent location and make the payments and as soon as you send us the MTCN plus your name, city and country we will verify your information within 8 - 24 hours and then start processing your order immediately and have it shipped to you. If you require prompt processing of your order then the Western Union option is the best option.

C-gold (Depends on the funding method used) To make the payments to an order you should have a C-gold account. After the account has been created you need to fund your cgold account using a variety of methods from credit cards to wire transfers using a 3rd party and after your account has been funded you must transfer the funds to our cgold account. The problem with this payment method is that its complicated and most customers find the whole process to be time consuming but the variety of payment options offered by cgold makes it appealing to some. 

So please state the payment option that is most applicable to you and we will send you the instructions to make the payments through your chosen payment method.

What is C-Gold?

Almost every company, minus Next Day Diplomas, offered Western Union Money Transfers. That was a pretty standard payment choice. ND-Center.com was the only company offering C-Gold and upon research we discovered that C-Gold was an international company based out of Mahe and Malaysia that allows you to send immediate payments for online purchases. It acts a lot like PayPal. The scariest part was, C-Gold wasn’t willing to protect our purchase! The following is taken from their own website:

All transactions conducted using the c-gold.com System are final and irrevocable. Using our services is in no way protecting you from being defrauded and you must not assume that we can help you or protect you if you end up losing money to fraudulent third parties

So assuming you don’t receive your product or get scammed out of your money, don’t come crying to them to help.

You can read more regarding fraud at C-Gold’s website which is www.c-gold.com. Even though we paid for our order with ND-Center.com using Western Union and we did receive our order, we would suggest that anybody who does business with ND-Center.com, to think long and hard about paying for their purchase using C-Gold.