Fake Diploma Verification

Is Fake Diploma Verification legal and how can I find it?

We’ve had a few people write us asking us to check into verification services being offered by DiplomaXpress.com. Although, there are probably multiple companies that offer this service, at the time of our reviews, DiplomaXpress was the only company to do so. They also marker fake transcripts with verification too.

Although, we did not personally pay for such services, we were curious how they were able to legally offer this and what exactly you were getting for your money.

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to know that verifying that somebody went to a specific school and graduated with a specific degree when you don’t legally represent a school is well, “illegal”. Most companies that offer fake diplomas don’t push this boundary and simply sell you a realistic-looking fake diploma but never go as far as verifying anything or claiming it to be legit. Being sold as a novelty product, this is what one should expect.

That was until I reviewed DiplomaXpress’s website during our initial review process and say what sent up a red flag with some people. DiplomaXpress.com offers a verification service on their website and is pretty clear about it:

Because the vast majority of academic verifications are made by fax, when you purchase our verification service we will include our own U.S. / Canadian toll-free fax number where verification requests can be sent. For customers who purchase transcripts, our toll-free fax verification number will also be included on your transcripts under the registrar contact information which is most often when verifying academic records.

They are correct, in a sense. Nobody can verify your personal records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known as the Buckley amendment) that passed in 1974, states that schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student’s education record.

This means, John Doe can’t call up your school and ask to have your records pulled. You’d have to give permission to an outside person or party, such as Mr. Doe, to communicate with your school about your records.

In fact because of tight legal regulations, some schools use third party verification services such as National Student Clearinghouse to handle all verification requests. For legal matters, they Mr. Doe would need to ask the NSC to verify that you went to a specific school and graduated with a specific degree.

Although, DiplomaXpress.com is acting like a school and verifying records, which seems highly illegal, you ought to read the fine print.

ALL products and services offered on this website are intended to be used strictly for novelty purposes. The products and services we offer are NEVER to be used for any type of potentially deceptive, dishonest, or illegal act which would include using any of our products on resumes’, job applications, to gain means of employment, etc. Using our products in this manner is dishonest and can be considered illegal in certain places and circumstances. Please check your local laws and regulations before ordering.

This being the case, DiplomaXpress.com will not verify anything with a school or company. Good for them; because falsely verifying records is illegal. As a former graduate, I am glad to see that some fake diploma companies know their limitations. BUT that being said, who else would you need to verify your fake diploma with? Your mother? Their service seems to be worthless when you break it down, and to spend $100 to trick mom — seems dumb.

Personally, I would be more concerned with making sure your diploma or transcript looked realistic, because if it doesn’t look real, nobody is going to verify it regardless. Personally, out of all the products we reviewed for this review site, Diploma Xpress reviewed among the poorest! If would be more beneficial to go with a company that does good replication work, and then worry about verification alter than finding a company who does poor work because concerns about verification will arise regardless.