Concerns about fake diploma reviews?

A few people have been asking us to post their experiences on our blog. Like we stated before, we really want to monitor this place and keep people from throwing anything up. The internet is full of a ton of places like and, where anybody can post anything. The fake diploma reviews are never checked or authenticated. If that’s what we wanted to do here, we would never have taken the time to actually buy products and document the entire purchase process.

If you’d rather trust a site that makes a lot of bogus claims and has zero proof to back up their fake diploma reviews, we can suggest plenty of sites with content that is never authenticated like RipOffReport and The internet is full of a lot of junk.

That being said, we do appreciate your feedback. If you need assistance, you can try to write us about companies like Phony Diploma, Diploma Company, or Next Day Diplomas and we’ll try to see what we can do (if anything). The other companies seem to lack customer support so badly, that nobody – including us – carries much weight in getting through to them.

Going forward, we will continue to review new companies as this site continues to be more and more profitable through banner ads. In fact, we just added our review of Diploma World a few days back. We plan on reviewing “Fake Diploma Sale” in the near future, but their documents run over $500 each, and money is a bit tight now as my wife is between jobs.

I will say, If you have any concerns about buying from any company, you can always contact us personally or even become a friend of mine on Facebook.

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I have no problem helping others out and answering questions, when I have time to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!