New Review ::

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a new review on my blog, but I’ve been keeping busy with my day job lately! However, I have had time to review one more new site: !

A few people have sent me tickets, asking about this newer site out there calling themselves “BuyaFakeDiploma” that is gaining momentum. They’re sort of like Diploma Makers, in the sense that they offer you a collection of diploma designs to pick from and you can customize any requested diploma to your liking with seal choices, signatures, etc.

They don’t offer the whole replica-thing like Phony Diploma or ND-Center, but it’s a great alternative if you’re looking to save some money and get a nice looking fake diploma made.

I had a family member help me out and place an order online with, so that we could judge them. In order to keep the reviews fair, we are going to have to purchase diplomas under random names from now on. Fortunately our website has become a bit more popular but that has also made us need to order the diplomas differently so the companies will not know they are being secretly shopped!

Like always, we documented the whole process from order confirmations to package snapshots as it arrived from FedEx. The overall experience with was very impressive; actually pushing Diploma-World & Phony Diploma down in rankings, combined with a couple of other factors, which I will write more about coming soon.

Check out our entire review.