We decided to do a short diplomasandmore.com review. Diplomas and More is one of the oldest Fake Diploma sites that we have come across. On their website they claim to have over 20 years of experience in the printing business. I’m not sure whether or not that exclusively refers to diplomas, but if it is, that is quite a lot longer than most of the competition. According to betterwhois.com the website was created in 2002, so we at least know they have been selling fake diplomas and fake transcripts for that long. There is something to be said about longevity in such a business, so we thought this was a great reason to take a quick look at this site.

My first impression is that the site is quite unimpressive. It is very plain and it looks like it probably hasn’t changed much in the 10 years that it has been up. There are 5 different categories of products to choose from, but for the purposes of this fake diploma review site, we are only interested in the college section. Diplomasandmore.com college diploma selection is quite bad compared to some of the competition we have reviewed so far.. You can only choose between 6 “college diploma styles” with descriptions that were basically copied and pasted 6 times over. The product images can be blown up to a bigger size if you click on them. Once you do, they do look different from each other, but at first glance there is no reason to pick one over the other. If you’re the type of person that is looking for a replica diploma, instead of a generic design, then diplomasandmore.com is probably not going to be the site for you.
As far as customer service goes, they have a phone number and contact page where you can send them an email. I sent a quick email from a fake account and they replied promptly, but their message was brief and unprofessional (misspelled words and no greeting at all). We expect they would receive mediocre marks in this category if we did a full review.

Payment methods are pretty standard. Like most sites they accept check or money order, western union payments and credit card (visa, mastercard, and discover). Because they accept credit cards and the checkout page is secure, we believe diplomasandmore.com would be relatively trustworthy site. By that I mean you can trust them to send you something at least. We expect they couldn’t take your money and run, since they have to keep up a reputation with the credit card companies (FYI: Watch out for sites that only accept western union!).

Shipping choices during checkout are pretty vague too. You can choose between normal or rush shipping, with quite a large difference in price between the two – but there is no indication how much faster or slower one is compared to the other. You get the feeling that you’re not exactly sure what you’re paying for here.
We didn’t order from here yet, but if we get more requests we will do a full diplomasandmore.com review. Until then, we can’t comment on the quality of the paper, seals, ink and so forth. However, since Diplomas and more is a template based site – meaning, you pick your diploma style out of 6 choices – you basically know what it is going to look like before you get it. This would make our full diplomasandmore.com review more about customer service, shipping and processing, and ink/paper quality than it would matching our real college diplomas.