Recently we have had a lot of people writing us asking which fake diploma sites are scam sites. Just like with buying anything else online, there are a lot of nervous shoppers who are afraid they will be taken advantage of by fake diploma scams. It is not surprising then that we have received several links from our viewers to websites with wild claims that some fake diploma scams are FBI sting operations or that some companies will just take your money and run. For the purposes of this website we have actually purchased fake diplomas from eight different companies and tracked the entire process from visiting the website to receiving the product. All of our fake diploma reviews show proof of purchase and delivery, with an explanation and grade for each site. We can vouch for each of these eight sites that they at least sent us something. The quality, on the other hand, did vary greatly among the different fake diploma companies and you can check that out for yourself. So, not only did all eight companies ship us the diploma that we ordered, we also haven’t had any fbi agents or police officers knock at our doors. Most of these concerns about fake diploma scams seem to be fueled by bogus websites and claims that are probably written by companies to deter shoppers from visiting their competitor.

That being said, we would like to point out just a few tips for avoiding fake diploma scams. These tips would actually work well for avoiding fraud when buying anything online.

  • First, avoid any fake diploma sites that don’t have a phone number. There is probably a reason they do not want to be reached.
  • Second, watch out for sites that only accept western union or cash payments instead of credit cards. If a company accepts credit cards then it was approved to conduct business and must be accountable for its charges. With cash or western union it is much easier to take your money and not send the product.
  • Third, when you’re purchasing anything online make sure the checkout page beings with “https” so you know your credit card information is secure. If you’re not sure about this, just make sure to ask if their website and your information is secure from theft.
  • Lastly, watch out for any sites that have unbelievably high prices. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is a relatively good guide to live by most of the time, but we actually didn’t find that the quality of the diplomas to be significantly related with the price of the diplomas. Some sites were just better than others regardless of the price.

If you use the tips above you should find it easy to avoid fake diploma scams or any other scams for that matter. Check out review page to see who was top rated.