fakediploma.co.uk review

This site is currently shut down and no longer operating.

Today I’m doing a quick fakediploma.co.uk review. I hope it helps our readers choose the best fake diploma!


At first review, this website seems pretty legit. They make it clear that you’re not breaking any laws, which is good to hear because I’m just beginning to start researching this whole topic. For some reason, websites that have been translated from another language kind of make me nervous, from a legal paranoia standpoint. But anyways, this website is based out of the UK and seems legit. It’s a little redundant and convoluted, but overall not too shabby.

Also, they use custom designs and include seals, stamps, and can accommodate specific requests. This sounds great to me.


They claim they have the lowest price available anywhere, and that if you can find a lower price they will beat it by an additional 20%. Prices do not include shipping and rush charges. Their website seems to have multiple and conflicting limited time offers, which I thought were pretty confusing. Looking at their price list, however, they seem to offer competitive prices.


Regular mail to US 7-10 days
Priority Mail to US 2-4 days
In the FAQ, they claim that rush shipping is “processed” within 48 hours, but it is unclear as to when rush shipping will actually arrive on my doorstep. Also, their price list shows that for their rush fee of $50, your order will be processed in one day. Needless to say this confuses me.


FakeDiploma.co.uk only offers customer support through email, claiming they try to respond within 24 hours but during busy times, it may take a few days to get back to customers. This concerns me, as I feel like there would be customers (like with any product) who need their fake diploma fast. If they had an important question, they could spend days waiting for their answer before placing their order.


Overall, I would give this company a C+ due to their lack of immediate customer support and their conflicting information found on different pages of their website.