Which Fake Diploma Company Should I Go With?

An Important Question

My nephew Jeremy came to me the other day with a very important question. He graduated from college a few years ago, and has already lost his diploma. He looses a lot of things. He must take after his mother. 😉 Jeremy needed a replacement fake diploma from his college because his boss wanted everybody to hang a copy of their diploma up in their respective offices.

As you can see, Jeremy was in a pickle – he needed a diploma to hang in his office, and he couldn’t wait the 6-10 weeks his alma mater quoted him, if he was to buy a replacement diploma from his school’s registrar.

So he came to me, because he knows my wife and I have heavily researched the most competitive replacement diploma companies out on the market. He said to me, “I know I could read your posts, but can you tell me in 5 minutes or less which company I should go with, and what makes them better than the rest?”

The Answer

Surprisingly, this wasn’t an easy answer for me. But after some consideration, my answer for Jeremy was DiplomaCompany.com. A few of the other companies I have reviewed in the past really came to my mind, but DiplomaCompany.com stood out.

You and Jeremy can read my initial review of DiplomaCompany.com here, but in a nutshell I chose them to be the top competitor because of several reasons:

-The diploma I ordered from DiplomaCompany.com was very close to my original I was comparing it to. I can imagine this would be a major concern with a lot of customers (including Jeremy).

  • The embossed gold seal was of very high quality.
  • High quality ink.
  • Sturdy and discrete packaging.
  • No grammatical mistakes or misspelled words.

In addition, unlike other companies, DiplomaCompany.com also gives you more options to customize your order. They also offer electronic samples, allowing the customer to preview their order before it is shipped, and to go back and fourth with their production department to make any adjustments and changes.

I told Jeremy that in my opinion, DiplomaCompany.com is the best replacement fake diploma printing company on the market, and advised him to order from them.